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Las extrañas inspiraciones de my chemical romance

My Chemical Romance's strange inspiration
My Chemical Romance say their forthcoming album is inspired by movie 'Blade Runner' and old cars.


My Chemical Romance spent longer making their new album because they were watching 'Blade Runner'.

The 'Teenagers' hitmakers say the movie and its director Ridley Scott have been a huge influence on their most recent recording sessions and it drove them to try and make the LP the best they possibly could.

Frontman Gerard Way explained: "I watched a lot of 'Blade Runner' and I watched a lot of the 'Making of Blade Runner', Ridley Scott was really inspiring too, just kind of his unwillingness to put the camera down and really capture something special.

"People were upset by that, but he was very strong in his vision and I think the band was very strong in its vision this time. That's why the record took - instead of a month and a half to do - four months to track because our barometer for great was very high."

The singer also claimed their forthcoming record is a "bold" thing because their inspirations are so different to those on their critically-acclaimed concept album 'The Black Parade'.

He added to website Spinner Music: "The fact there's a song now tentatively titled 'Trans-Am' is a bold thing for this band to do as opposed to our previous material. There's something in that phrase that's obviously more than the car. But to bring something like old '70s muscle car culture into the music, that's kind of a different move."




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